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The fondation of the Company InterTrans, Sarl (named the CY) is the result of a long career and experience of MESSAOUD REBAI, his fondator on duty for the same scope of activities in several international Cies...
The Company has been created successfully in the frame of logistic aspects of very important industrial projects   in relation to the globalisation of the Economy and worldwide exchanges of goods & equipments to and from Algeria.

These IMPORT / EXPORT operations have been managed with success at the full satisfaction of the clients linked to the industry in general and oil& gas industry specifically.
The operative mode is supported by the knowledge & experience of the InterTrans, STAFF and by a perfect management of all steps of the freight forwarding operations including, but not only, the customs clearance,, the transit, the handling, the warehousing and the local transport, giving to the Company a very good reputation of efficiency & respectability to it partners (Customers & Suppliers) and advisor for specific operations of the freight forwarding chain in Algeria.

The Company’s head office is based in Algiers (in the down town, near the port and customs) but dedicated agents are it representatives in several ports like: MOSTAGANEM / ARZEW, SKIKDA, ANNABA, to give a proper answer to the legitime & fair client’s requirements on all the national territory.
The Company has defined the following principal targets to get the best “how to do “:

  • Taking care all the time of the customer’s needs.
  • Organize all the transport steps.
  • Checking quality of transport-equipment, schedule & good’s safety.
  • Assume a high standart quality service by checking, issuing, and following back of the documents.

In view to be in accordance with all the items mentioned above, the Company has developed the “know how “and is enough flexible, looking all the time to improve the staff efficiency, and the communication via the commercial & public-relation department.

Mr REBAI Messaoud Freight forwarder
Customs Broker
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  Our activity

  • industrial and oil activity
  • The Taking out of bond
  • Transits
  • Handling
  • Transport
  • Loading / Unloading
  • storage
  • The technical and personalized Council
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