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  Transit & Taking out of bondboat   InterTrans-dz, deals with all the operations of customs to the importation as with export, for all the customs modes: taking out of bond in normal procedure, importation and payment of the rights and taxes on behalf of the customer, export and accompaniment of the operations of transit until destination.


  InterTrans-dz, proposes logistic solutions and as well supervises transport for the parcels grouping as the heavy and bulky parcels.
  It also ensures transport, storage, the loading/unloading, the grouping, and all the customs operations, upstream and downstream from the imports and of exports and the follow-up of the industrial projects through the various means of transport (road, air, and maritime).
Mr REBAI Messaoud Freight forwarder
Customs Broker
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  • industrial and oil activity
  • The Taking out of bond
  • Transits
  • Handling
  • Transport
  • Loading / Unloading
  • storage
  • The technical and personalized Council
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